It is a heart of food that wants to tell.

In Okinawa, legends have it that “Food is medicine. ” and ”Eat local food and fix the health with what you eat”.
This is original scenery of the foods related China’s legend “Food is medicine” and Yamato’s legend “Body and land can’t be inseparable.

The origin of the name “Akasakatantei” comes from “Ryutanike”, the moat of Shuri Castle.

Ryutanike has an ancient event that the King of Ryukyu had entertained Chinese delegate with a floating boat in the pond. It is said that imperial cuisine of Okinawa has developed from it.

What is Okinawa-Kaiseki (Okinawa tea-ceremony dishes)?

In knowing as the Okinawa dishes generally, the homemade foods in postwar days of the war were emphasized.
But during the Ryukyu Dynasty, the chefs called “Houchu(包厨)” had been active. There had been hospitality food in limited class though.

Unfortunately, Okinawan food lost the hope of development into Kaiseki like in Kyoto, Osaka, Kanazawa and Tokyo(Edo) because of misfortunes of the collapse of Ryukyu Dynasty.
It is an opening of Akasakatantei that let it connect quitted history.
“Okinawa-Kaiseki (Okinawa tea-ceremony dishes)” was born to add tequniques of Kaiseki to Okinawa ingredients.

For smiles with your significant others

Akasakatantei provides “private space” with a horigotatsu, “Okinawa-Kaiseki” with plenty of Okinawa ingredients and “hospitality” to all of our customers.

Hospitality on your special day

It is our hope that you can feel free to come on your special day having a little different from usual.

Enjoy conversation and dishes and be relaxed.
Make today a memorable day.
It is Akasakatantei’s “hospitality”.

“Strict manners?” ”Hard to call on?”
Never mind! Although they tend to think like that.
Please be relaxed with your significant others.

Comfortable private spaces

Hospitality on your special day

We are happy to help you to have a whale of a relaxed time in any situations with family, couple, women’s group, etc…

Everyone can enjoy Okinawa-kaiseki

Akasakatantei’s Okinawa-kaiseki is different from their public image of Okinawan food.
You can enjoy having food you’ve never seen or have never heard of.

Have your fill of Okinawa-kaiseki using okinawan ingredients like Island’s vegetables, fish and meat and seasonable ingredients with Japanese traditional technique.

On your special day

“I want to make important today memorable.”
“I want to make today be engraved in our heart forever.”
“I want to have a peaceful meal in a quiet and calm atmosphere.”

We are pleased to help you for your memorable day.

As having lots of lovely time with dishes, hospitality, atomosphere,
you will get closer together through comfortable tense.



It’s only a five-minute walk from Akasaka Station, Roppongi Station, or Nogizaka Station.
Hideaway-style appearance is tucked away along the area’s alleys.
The interior has concept of “the place Ryukyu and Yamato connect”.
Taste Okinawa through dishes and whole restaurant.

You can feel Okinawa wind with room arranging and beautiful plates or containers.

Beautiful plates produced by Jissei Omine are featured powerful beauty.
You can also enjoy Ryukyu-glass having soft texture produced by glass blower, Seikichi Inamine.